One of Those Doors is You

One of Those Doors is You

 “God put a million, million doors in the world - For His love to walk through - One of those doors is you”

This is a lyric from a song called, “With Every Act of Love” by Jason Gray, and if you are not familiar with this song you should check it out.  Christian music in general, EWTN Catholic Radio, and YCP have been doors into which God has entered my life recently to help me develop as a Catholic.

I highly recommend listening to Christian music, especially K-Love, which is my favorite radio station for music.  I never would have guessed this would be the case for me, and here’s why.

It seems like just yesterday I was in high school and a family friend came to talk to our Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) at Sacred Heart Parish in Hebron, NE.  The only thing I can remember from the talk was a statement the friend made about Christian music and how it had changed her life.  She asked the group, “Have any of you listened to Christian music?”

Nobody’s hand went up and we looked around the room at each other like, what is she talking about?  Fortunately, she emphasized giving it a shot and advised that if we did we might be surprised.  She said, “You should check it out sometime.  It is actually really good music and very calming and relaxing to listen to.”  I remember immediately thinking it wasn’t for me, but at the same time I felt fear that I might like it.  The fear was that I would be “different” from my friends or “weird” for listening to Christian music which I was not aware was an option in rural Nebraska.  This friend provided the door for God to speak to our group, to connect with us and offer some advice on a small change that could make a big difference.

I gave Christian music an honest chance, but it wasn’t until several years later in college.  God entered my life through another friend when she admitted that K Love was one of her favorite stations.  This was the first time I heard about K Love, but I started listening to the station exclusively.  After a few weeks I knew most of the songs and it definitely changed my perspective on what I enjoyed listening to.  I no longer fear what others may think of me when they ask what music I like to listen to.  I quickly admit Christian music along with a few other genres and it gives me a great feeling to share this info with them because I believe it will help them as well.  Listening to Christian music, quietly, in the background when I am working reminds me to offer prays throughout my day. It has helped me realize that God is entering this world everyday through the people I encounter.  He is entering the world through me and the more I realized this, the more I knew the impact I could have on others by allowing Him to work through me.

For the past 3 years I have traveled about every other week to various parts of the country for work.  About a year and a half ago I heard about YCP.  Immediately, I started going to the events and scheduled my work travels around the events as best I could.  The members of YCP have greatly increased the number of doors in my life that God enters through.  I have gained so much satisfaction from conversing with these new friends, not to mention going to Mass with them and spending time with them outside of YCP events.  I advise checking out a YCP event similar to how I advise listening to Christian music and Spirit Catholic Radio: I highly recommend it.



  Written by: Destry Kenning, YCP Omaha Technology Team Member