Giving Beyond The Basket

Giving Beyond the Basket
by Jim Gerner
The most recent volunteering event for YCP Omaha was 9 AM on Saturday, August 11th at the Saint Martin de Porres Center.  We had about twelve volunteers show up to help weed and maintain their garden.
The group did a great job pulling weeds as we filled a compost pile and a pickup truck bed with all of the overgrown weeds.  The raised garden areas for the food producing plants were weed free.  The fence around the garden had the overgrown grasses and plants removed.  Even the sign next to the driveway was more visible with the weeds in front of it taken out.  The person in charge from Saint Martin de Porres was happy when we finished with the garden’s improvement.
Normally, we help charities by giving money in the collection basket.  However, I think our group did more for Saint Martin de Porres Center’s garden than a collection would have done.  We should keep donating in the collection basket, but we need to give our time and talents too.