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What is your reason for not joining a parish as a young adult? Is it because your parents are already registered at a parish, and you mostly attend Mass with them? Is it because you haven’t bought a house yet, and you don’t want the commitment to a Parish? Or is it something else, like you haven’t decided on a parish yet or you are too busy to become a parishioner? I know all of these were reasons why I didn’t become a parishioner until I was about 25 years old.

            My first awareness of needing to become a parishioner was when I was 21 or 22 years old. I was helping out at what I thought was my parish’s youth group. Then came time for the annual appeal, and after I submitted my form, I got a call from a Deacon there, telling me, I was not in fact a registered parishioner. My parents were, but as an adult, I was on my own. I wish I could tell you that woke me up, and I became a parishioner that day, but of course not. It wouldn’t be for another couple of years before I had a conversation with my brother about joining a parish.

            My brother, Sean, started calling me on my excuses for not joining a parish. If I joined a parish, and then bought a house, I could in fact switch parishes. He also told me that joining a parish would help me budget my money more, because I would need to budget in my tithing. And while 10% of your income seems very large, it helps break it down to an easier and more consistent task. Also, once you register, your voice of need becomes a little more heard. A parish doesn’t know it needs a young adult group if there are no young adults registered there.

            There are many more reasons to join a parish. Young Catholic Professionals of Omaha wants those reasons to outweigh the excuses stopping you from joining. So, if your busy schedule or you are struggling with deciding which parish to join is why you haven’t registered, please stop by the table at the different YCP events in the next couple of months. We have forms, online documents, and calendar dates provided to get your registered. We can even help you decide on a parish based on your current address.