His Presence


His Presence


Let me tell you about my Friend. He’s someone who has known me my entire life and goes by many names. I’m grateful for His son, His mercy, and how He reveals His love to us each day. His name is—you guessed it—God.


I grew up in Southern California, surrounded by several aunts, uncles, and cousins. My parents both come from large families, so it was always a joy to come together to eat, pray, and sing—ain’t no party like a Filipino party! I valued being a Filipino-American Catholic and older sister. Life was great! 


My parents divorced when I was 7, yet my heart remained intact. Somehow I knew God was with me. I would sit in the church after school, for example, when playing messenger or splitting weekends/holidays weighed me and my brother down. I never got upset at my Friend for not preventing the divorce. It still amazes me at 24 to realize this truth: He never left me. 


At Creighton, I grew closer to my Friend. I developed friendships with other Catholics my age and had never felt so blessed! I had encountered loneliness in my faith as a teenager and decided a religious vocation would fill my desire to be around other joyful, service-oriented Catholics. These friends, like me, were open to discerning their calls to married, religious, and single life. We thoroughly enjoyed our inside jokes, trips to Sonic, and overlapping adoration hours.


When I thought God could not give me any more of His gifts (my Jesuit education, a job at the daycare, a chubby-cheeked godson...), He figured I had room in my heart for someone: My husband, Robert. I tell people all the time that my high school sweetheart and I grew separately but in the same direction. My Friend helped write our love story, and I look forward with anticipation to growing our family of 3 (God, Robert, and me).


These days, I find God in my interactions with patients, my husband requesting I put my laundry away, and my blossoming friendships in YCP. My Friend, you see, is a pro at reminding us that we are loved outside of Sunday Mass. He is with us when we feel alone, unsure of the future, and beyond stressed. He, especially as Father, allows you and I to find Him with the same ease, relief, and delight a young child experiences when playing hide-and-seek with their parent. 


“When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me.”

—Jeremiah 29: 13-14 


Beatriz Rodriguez

Nebraska Medicine

Registered Nurse